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  1. Hi fellow traders,

    I have been trading for over a year in NYC in a prop firm...I am ready to move on to remote trading since trading next to "temperamental" traders starts getting on my nerves...the software we use is blackwood...which is not that I've decided to turn to my fellow traders here and see if you can recommend a good, reliable and with advantageous and competitive commissions....please send me info such as prop firm name, software, commissions and conditions as well as minimum deposit required to open a professional account.

    Thank you all for reading and good luck with these crazy markets!
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    check out atlas or cygroup .
  3. thank you...I did check atlas and I wasn't too impress with them...but I will check out the other firm..thanks
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    I'm at Next Level. Making good consistent profits. Give Gil a call - probably one of the best mentors on the street right now. GL
  5. Thanks...I will
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    blackwood used to be good 10 years ago. I know other guys that use it and do not really like it very much. OM me I used them all over the years.
  7. First, of all you register a few days ago and you know what trading was like 10 years ago? You used them all over the years? When? In your master trader fantasy? LMAO!

    You could have the best trading platform in the world but if you don't have a solid trading strategy then what good is it?

    Blackwood is plenty good enough for normal $1K profit traders.

    All the trading platforms offered by prop firms are essentially the same in my opinion. Blackwood is actually better then the rest - some just look better. If your goal is to have a pretty trading platform versus a stable platform then yeah, maybe Blackwood is not for you. Also, making money is not for you as well since your priorities are out of whack!

    Focus on getting good training. It is the ONLY pre-quel to big profits.
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    What about Hold Brothers?
  9. IMHO golden market is excellant. I even noticed elite trader MNX is with the firm as well as he posted on the gmm thread. For those who dont know MNX he may be one of the brightest and most profitable traders around. I was happy with golden before but more then happy now.
    good luck to all
  10. I trade with a firm called RTFM offers 10x leverage and competitive fee's. Been with them almost 2 years descent guys they take the time with you.
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