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  1. I know this issue has been discussed in the past, but the old threads are somewhat dated by now.

    What are the current top choices for remote trading?

    My particular situation: I trade ETFs with a self-developed black-box system. Therefore, software and datafeeds are a non-issue for me.

    My system averages only 3.5 round-trips per day (typically trade QQQ in lots of 10,000). Will the low trade frequency be a deal-killer for most prop firms?

    Commissions, payout, and required capital/licenses seem to be the most important issues to me.

    Any and all advice will be appreciated.
  2. Anyone?
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    Nearly a whole day has gone by and no one has answered you, so I will.

  4. Remote trading when you put up your own money is not prop trading ... it's retail trading!
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    I hear good things about Bright from my friends.
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    Prop trading remote or in office is about exchanging leverage for payout. Simple.
  7. Trading using a Firm's money for execution and market access beyond routing via the broker is Professional Trading. Retail trading is still too restrictive for most serious traders (I said 'most', don't get defensive).

  8. Therefore if the trader doesn't take advantage of the extreme leverage then he/she may as well trade their own money.
  9. Hi,

    Remote?, for me, who is still running to the TV to change channels, difficult to understand....just kidding.

    Please explain me, what is the difference between Remote- and Online trading ?

    Best, Ralf
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    Remote refers to trading for a proprietarty trading firm remotely (i.e. from your house) versus trading at the offices of the firm.

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