Best Prop firm for Canadians?

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Shehab, Aug 30, 2006.

  1. Shehab


    Hi everyone.

    First time here on the board.
    I am doing some research on prop firms to start using soon.

    So far I like Barkley Trading, but really would like to know more from someone who has worked with, in or is still involved with them

    What is service like?
    How fast are queries responded too?
    Average % payouts?
    How much better is Sterling Pro from Tradestation?

    Interactive looks just ok , but Barkley's 5k risk cap versus its 25k is a no-brainer

    Swift is off my list, 30% payout is too low, and other horror stories does not bode well for them
  2. Barkley trading is a very bad place. I know of a few traders along with myself that never got our banks back.The head guy is Brendan Bryne a real theif.YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
  3. Joab


    Benchmarq trading ask for Nick.

    I've been with them for 9 months now and everythings been good.
  4. asurania


    i love swift trade...

    it starts at 35% trading in the begining...but your can move up massively ...
  5. title trading is the best very good platform good payout
  6. Pimpy boy

    Pimpy boy

    I work to First North American Trading. It's a good firm and very flexible firm.
  7. any opinions on questrade ?
  8. bonds


    without a doubt Globus...
  9. Canada ? more details please ....
  10. mcelitetrader

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    Globus is based in Toronto and has remote traders as well as a physical office setup. They have been around for a few years and are very competitive.
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