Best Prop Firm: 5k down, no cap. lockup, no volume requirement & Lightspeed

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Mu$hin, Sep 29, 2010.

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    Are there any reputable prop firm brokerages that have this?
  2. 5k will last you about a month if you're lucky (assuming you go on demo for the first two weeks).

    Save up more money and then give it a shot.
  3. Mu$hin


    I'm consistent on a simulator already for the past 2 months. Just looking for a firm that will allow me to build up by putting on one or two intraday trades a day.
  4. When you go live, start by trading 1 stock at a time, and only trade 100 or 200 shares max. You shouldn't be trading more then 10kshs a day either. When you become a little more comfortable with the feel of being live, and have posted some gross profits (ie gross $200 over a 5 day period or gross positive for x consecutive days) or whatever you deem as appropriate, then you can add another 100shs. Starting by trading too much size is why most traders fail. Trading live vs the sim is a lot different, as you probably already know, but just wanted to reinstate that fact (you won't get all the same fills). Also put up a daily loss limit/ weekly loss limit. Your first year just needs to be staying in the game.
  5. I can help Pm me if you are interested
  6. Oh man. Another sim trader who will build up $5000 into great wealth...

    It hurts just to watch.
  7. someone thought the same about you too i'm sure
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    It's traderzones with a new(er) handle. Enough said.
  9. i think morgan stanley will offer you no deposit down, 200mil BP, close to zero commission, order flows info, research support, 5% payout, a nice base salary. i wouldnt mind trying deustche bank or macquaire securities too.
  10. answer is NO. capital lockup is SEC regulation. not your firm's policy. as far as no volume requirement, your chances are best by joining a group/subsidiary of the firm. the question what com fee rate?
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