Best Prop Broker for Day Trading US Stocks?

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    Hello, I am a stock day trader for almost 6 years and I’m currently working with the broker “Day trade the world”, mainly because it has low fees and commissions compared to other brokers( I must mention that they keep around 10% of total monthly earnings), however for those who know this broker well… you may know some of their absurd regulations, such as: we are forced to operate with 5 traders or pay 450 $ monthly, plus they prohibit us from having more than 2 traders executing the same order at the same time (This is the main reason why I need to change broker) I need to trade with a new firm, a prop broker that allows me to operate independently (only one account for myself) and at least have a buying power leverage of 8:1 and open the account with 7000 $ capital

    I am not finding it very easy to find this information, so far I have seen only the offers of Tradezero and United Traders. Both charge between $ 0.0050 and $ 0.0055 in fees per share executed (a fairly high cost in my opinion and partly adding platform costs ranging between $ 100 and $ 200 per month) Please someone in your experience know what prop broker can I work with? (I only day trade stocks in NASDAQ and NYSE markets) and that offers me competitive rates to perform my scalping strategy with no restrictions?

    Thank you for your time and advice.
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  3. Are you outside of the U.S.? Hold and AT both do business there at much lower per share rates, but Hold doesn't accept capital deposits.
  4. What is AT?
  5. apple technology
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  8. I would go with AT
  9. what is at
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    outside the norm: tradenet sleeper firm: CY Group. i have traded w both.
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