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  1. I would like to hear opinions from Programmers,what they think the best language is to learn.If they were going to start out again learning how to program what would they choose.I have been recommended C++,Java,VB.NET.
    I dont want to start studying and realize in 6 months time I should have choosen another Language,feedback appreciated
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    There is no "best" language or programming environment. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. The choice depends upon your goal, budget, etc.
  3. .NET is very nice... C++, C#, VBA, Java...etc etc. it's great.

    1st programming language? Pascal... maybe...
  4. Hey,

    I am in a similar situation, only I learned a programming language - VBA and am an advanced programmer in that language -- only to find that it isn't so strong in the real world.

    While it is important to know what your ultimate intention is -- are you looking to change careers or do you just want to versant in a tool that others may share code and ideas with -- all 3 choices have pluses and minuses.

    IfI had to choose one - from what I have learned C++ is similar enough to the other two to allow you to make the jump. Its strength is that the vast quantity of dlls (addins) written for common applications, including Windows, are written in C++. I doubt you would going wrong.

    That being said - with these types of programming languages its more about the concept of Object Oriented Programming and less about the syntax of the languages where people have problems.

    Personally, I am doing a trial period with eSignal and have spent the last 3 days trying to learn the Java script which they use which is very similar to Java to write/tweak indicators.

    Anyway, good luck which ever choice you make - -IMHO it is more important to reach an advanced level in your choice then it is to make the correct choice.

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    I would choose a modern, object oriented, general purpose language, which is platform independent, widely used, well supported, scalable, which supports GUIs, multi-threading, internet and all that modern stuff.

    I would not waste my time with learning anything else first. There was a time when learning BASIC or Pascal as a first language made sense. IMHO its a bad advice today.
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    IF you are new to programming and need to get the feel of a computer language without being hit over the head with a sledgehammer - C++ - then its a good idea to start with something that has fewer "features". I still think that C langauge is the best introductory general purpose language. There are many ways to go with this under your belt, including programming on multiple platforms, and advancing on to learning the details of C++ if such a path is a match for your goals. VB, C# and the .Net Framework are good to know but if you have a broader goal than just producing code on MS platforms then these wont help much ..... Also, quite a bit of the underlying implementations within the Microsoft product line is "hidden" - the code is not distributed. If you have never built a framework or parser or compiler etc then Microsoft products/platforms will help you quickly create for their platform but often without depth of understanding - which is a problem if you truly want to create innovative products in the future .....

  7. I am not sure of my ultimate intention but to begin with I want to learn a Language so I can design Mechanical Trading Systems.
  8. Simple, pick either Java or C#, which would cover you 99% of whatever you need in the future.
  9. Don't touch any C# or VB.Net!

    C++ (C), or maybe Pascal have almost 30 years of a stable life. All major operating systems have been written since in C or C++.

    M$ with its "Visual" thingie pulled the rug from under its faithful after less than 10 years. Can you believe in VB.NET or C#? Besides C++ and Pascal are good for almost any environment. What about VB or C# - only good for B.G's M$.

  10. I am in the same boat as you...

    I started learning VB6 earlier this spring, and it was a good way to begin learning object oriented languages, simply because it is very easy relative to a C language (being hit on the head with a sledgehammer is an extremely accurate analogy to learning C mentioned earlier in this thread)...I dropped it once I realized it was being phased out in favor of, and instead moved to C#, which I am learning right now and enjoying very much...

    If your main focus is trading systems, I would choose delphi...nononsense recommended borland's kyrix, which implement's delphi, but if you have no linux experience it may not be the best move right now...

    Straight Delphi, however, will run in windows, and is the basis for ensign windows and (i think, but don't know for sure) wealth labs as well, two very popular system trading compatible retail apps for windows...the nice thing about wealth labs is that there is lotsa free code on their website which will be a good resource for you as you learn...

    Borland has IDE's which can typically download for free (Jbuilder and C#builder are both quite nice, although I've only used C#builder) for coding in these languages...i dunno if they have a delphi product that is free...

    So I'd recommend starting with visual basic, and then move into delphi. alternatively you could learn C# or java (they are basically the same thing) but there isn't much retail trading software that supports either one...neoticker ( supports VB6, java, and delphi, however, and would give you a good framework in which to apply your programming skills...

    Two recent relevant threads for you and

    PM me if you want intro book recommendations for VB or C#.

    lotsa luck,
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