Best Pro Real Time Analytics software.

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  1. Is realtick the industry standard in Analytics? Is there a better charting program for those using mainly chart analysis?

    I'm looking for 30 days intraday data at least, indicators, fibs, ganns ect. the program I am currently using does not have fibs and ganns.

    Is realtick the best? By far? If so what are RealTicks main competitors with quality software?

    Any replies greatly appreciated!


  2. Realtick's datafeed is great (it's expensive so it should be), but I don't think its analytics and charts are setting the world on fire. They work fine, but they're hardly state of the art.

    There are lots of chart/analysis programs out there with lots of different features for various datafeeds, so don't limit your looking to just what any particular datafeed vendor offers themselves or you'll be seriously restricting your universe of options.
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    Chuck_T eSignal

    To follow through on Wild's post, eSignal is the most wisely used Technical Analysis program. It is probably also the most improved this year with the addition of Advanced Charts, the eSignal Formula Script engine, Back Testing, and Integrated Trading with a choice of brokers.

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