Best printer to print nice clean charts?

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    I'm looking to print either gray-backed charts with green and red bars directly from my trading platform, or simple screenshots of the charts at, which would have a black background with green and red bars.

    My inkjet printer can print these charts, but the clarity leaves something to be desired. Would any old laser printer really print these charts in a clear and sharp way, or what do you guys recommend?

    Another avenue of my thinking here is that screenshots (of a chart) generally have fewer pixels per inch than an image printed directly from a trading platform. Anybody have any thoughts on the accuracy of this matter?

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    Screen Res 1680x is 210dpi on my screen, more than enough from a full page screen capture to A4 paper landscape.

    Tweak them in Photoshop, quick sharpen maybe ??
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    Have you tried Google and type in the key words: Best Printer or Top Printer or Best Top 10 Printers or Best Photo Printers ?

    Also, have you tried using a screen capture software to capture your chart image instead of printing directly from within the charting program print button ?

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    Well, with regards to photo printers, I will just say that I would like to print simply on regular typing paper rather than glossy paper.

    I Googled as you said, and Google spit back this link:

    Funny, but all the images which are being printed out of those printers (follow the link) show the images as printing edge-to-edge on the paper, without any margins. Is that how it is with photo printers, because I was looking for margins on my page!?

    I'm looking to print one chart at a time, each chart on a simple 8.5 x 11 typing paper, upright. The chart would appear on the upper half of the page, and then I would annotate the chart with a pen on the lower half of the page so that I could learn from the chart later on, and then I would 3-hole-punch it and put the charts into a 3-ring binder for studying later.

    So all I'm really looking for here is I want the bars (I use bar charts) to be very clearly defined when the chart is printed.

    Yes, I've tried Snag-It to capture images of charts. For example, I have this image here, showing as 685 pixels by 465 pixels. When I print it with my inkjet printer, the bars are grainy. Do you think any one of the printers in the link above would print this image with clearly defined bars rather than grainy bars?

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    I hope you realize its you that set the margin printing settings in your printer and a typical new printer has a default setting of edge to edge. For example, if you want white margins to write on and/or punch set your printer margin settings to whatever width/colour you want.

    You can even make a template and type your comments in the margins to help reduce writing errors and then print it out. Next, you put the paper back in printer and then print out your chart within the margins you've setup with the commentary.

    Yet, I wouldn't recommend a photo printer for printing charts unless you're also going to be doing personal photos. All lot of cheap multi-functional printers on the market these days. :D

    Also, you're probably looking for an inkjet that has a 6 inkjet cartridges plus a photo blue tank to reduce graininess. Yet, if you're only doing black & white printing...I would go with a laser printer.

    Another solution depending upon the computer store...make copies of what your printer is doing...go to your local computer store that sells printers and show them what you're printer is doing versus what you want to see it do...

    Some tech guy/gal at the store may even make a suggestion to you what printers that they have will do what you need. Another solution in which some stores dislike...ask them to print something for you to verify it does what you're looking for.

    Last of all, look for a printer with a high resolution when comparing the available printers.

    Anything beyond basic printing of charts is not needed unless you're going to be doing professional like photo printing with built in archival process.

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    Yes, I realize that the user sets the margins, but I don't think I've seen edge-to-edge before. That's kind of cool, I guess. I don't think that this would be useful to me at the moment, but it's nice to learn of that capability, as it may come in useful someday.

    Good idea to bring a printed chart to a computer store and ask for guidance towards a better printer. Thanks for that idea, I will probably follow up on that.

    A multi-function printer does sound like my best bet. I was looking at this one.

    Seems kind of nice, but I don't see that it has 6 inkjet cartridges, as you suggest. It appears to have only 4, if I am reading the details correctly. And I have never heard of a "photo blue tank". Could you suggest a printer that has 6 inkjet cartridges and a photo blue tank? I would be curious to look at the specs.

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  8. I use an old cannon MP 290. Works ok for me. Color and B&W

    Also check out Snipping Tool.

    Google snipping tool
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    Snipping Tool. Interesting. Part of Windows 10. I wasn't aware of that, thanks.
  10. I use the HP m651dn its great for printing charts etc..
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