Best price/performance for news services

Discussion in 'Trading' started by athlonmank8, Mar 29, 2008.

  1. Just wondering what some of the favorite news services are and their pricing.

    All i'm really familiar with is and their price is very reasonable.

    Thinking about signing up for one, but really haven't done much research.

    Any others?
  2. I use briefing and it's quite good and professional but imho none of these services are fast enough to trade based on news.

    If you don't get the info before the public, through contacts/tips and what not, it's really hard to profit from trading news.

  3. Thanks susana. I figured that. Not really a trade the news kinda guy, but I just wanna know what's movin what :).

    I guess I'll just stick with the service I have for now.

    I appreciate the response.
  4. Briefing has a lot of erroneous reports. Trade the news is pretty good and has futures squawk too, but is not nearly as good as Bloomberg.