Best price on 5000 options contracts day.

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  1. Which company would give a better deal on 5000 option contracts per day ? What would be the cheapeast way to trade that ?

    Thank you !
  2. I trade options in my country. I make an average of 0,25% profit per trade, the commission is 0,1%, about 100 trades per day. Is there any way I can trade options in USA making this sort of average profit ?
    Any other place in the world has low charges for options ?

    Thanks !
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    Talk to brokers, with 5,000 contracts per day you should be able to get a good rate.
  5. Thanks for the advices.

    Does anyone know what is the actual cost for the broker to trade 1 option contract ? So that I will know how far can they go on giving me discount.
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    0.75 cents per contract
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    you might consider on becoming a member with that kind of volume
  8. Thanks very much for your advice.

    What should I do to become a member ? Which company should I deal with ? Do you know what is the cost per contract for a member ?

    Thank you !
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    Visit the exchange website for details about membership.
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    Quote from just21:
    0.75 cents per contract

    He means $0.75 per contract, which is, unfortunately, 100x more, but still cheap (I think). :)
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