Best Price of the Day in Equity Index Futures

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    On well over half of all trading days the price that offers traders the best opportunity happens during the night session. The reason for this is that professional traders in Europe and Asia most often set the tone for the US trading day.

    Below is a chart showing an overlay of the 24 hour session and the day session in ES. The 24hr session is in Red and the Range of the Day Session is Shown in Blue.

    It cannot escape notice that in the majority of the day bars below there is red at one end of the bar and blue at the other which means that if an entry had been made at the red extreme it offered a better potential than an entry made at the blue extreme.

    Information = Equity

    The Price that offers the greatest potential most often occurs outside the range of the day session

    This chart shows the day/nite sessions overlay and the longer term Net New Trade.
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    Assuming Asian traders , [as is true of many]mostly do better work during daylight hours;
    and assuming adequate rest, probably still some see good patterns @ night time.

    Late night is generally my least productive time:cool:But I agree with that chart;
    as is true in more than a few markets,some night time does offer some unique opportunities.:D