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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Lightningsmurf, Mar 5, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking of joining an online Texas Holdem site and playing for fake money. Any suggestions? Where should I start to develop my skills?
  2. Well, if you want to pick up bad habits, and get used to playing incorrectly...feel free to play with 'play money online'.

    Alternatively, you could (and should) play micro-limits. has 2 cents/4 cents hold 'em....and playing this would provide reasonably helpful practice compared to play money games. has more traffic and easier games than anywhere else, ...but the software & support are an absolute nightmare. Lowest stakes on Party are .50/$1 .

    Use my bonus code TRADER if you download Party, for a 20% first deposit bonus.

    The other two big sites are and (Both have micro-limits. Only Party does not.)

    For the complete list, ranked in order of popularity:
  3. I had no idea there was such a thing as micro betting! That sounds like more fun than play money. I'll check out your suggestions.
  4. Well, I joined poker stars and decided to play with play money for a while since I'm not sure how interested I am in poker and I KNOW I don't know how to play yet.
    The 1st couple of times I blew out big time, but now my play money stack is starting to grow noticably.
    The biggest problem to date is that while I try to treat the play money as close to real money as I can, other players are happy to bet crazy because it's not real money. It makes it hard to sort out the pikers from the players.
    I figure once I rack up my play money stack to a huge number I'll move on to micro betting.