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  1. Did a search of course but wanted any new info. Looking to trade S&P emini futures and wondered what the guys trading day in an day out are using. Thanks for any help.
  2. these are all the BEST in my opinion: BEST brokerage
    Global Strategy Trader BEST platform
    Global Futures also has $300 daytrade margins on the e-mini's...the ES,YM,NQ and ER2...great in my opinion
  3. I can probably tell you what the worst ones but since I havent traded every platform out there I cant speak for global. I enjoy speaking with and using There are some videos of their platform up on our pages as well at
  4. I suggest checking out:

    Open ECry
    ProActive Futures
    Mirus Futures

    All have their pros/cons, but doesn't hurt to check them out!
  5. been with velocity for a few month now, everything is good to me.
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    J-Trader is probably the industry standard.

    As old as the hills, but still the most widely used platform out there. Very simple to use, but no bells or flash gizzmo's

    Some broker provisions can be dodgy if they dont put the infrastructure ($$) in place. Man have and do, as do other big names.

    X-Trader is the other alternative. Hard to learn, starting to get unreliable, bad support, expensive. Super fast, but that speed is a waste of money paying for now due to the black box engines out there.

    All other platforms will be 2 dime alternatives that are unproven by 1000's of traders the world over. Unknown reliability, unknown people behind them, unknown user base etc.
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    NinjaTrader 6 is one of the best and simplest front ends to use. It pretty much has API for all majotr feeds (TT, zenfire, PATS). It can also be used as IB front end.
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    what are the commission rates you all pay for a RT for each broker for lets say ES futures
  9. 3.20/rt infinity (but have a seat lease)