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    From reading some of the threads, I notice a lot of people are unhappy with usiing Patsystems platform.

    What are the alternatives? Whats the best/fastest/most realiable system out there???

  2. Take a look at Ffastfill
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  4. Xtrader :D
  5. which one is better...... ffastfill OR x-trader???
  6. I've never tried X-trader, but would like to know what it could offer. J-trader seems enough if you only trade e-minis futures, not spreads.
    I've tried FFast but do not like it. It doesn't calculate real time balance and no daily reports like in J-trader.
  7. Cooltrader,

    That's funny. Our system keeps a running total balance and we send out statements everynight vian email.

    Not too sure what you are talking about. If you used FFastTrainer, you may not have seen some of our options and functionality.

    The basic difference between Pats and FFastFill is in the number of updates per second that we distribute over Citrix compared to them. Ask your IB how many updates per second your screen is getting?


  8. quote from cooltrader
    What? No real time calculations? I knew that there was a catch somewhere.

    Risk Less, how can you promote a system like that to active traders and scalpers? :confused:
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    Check out the crossfire trading platform it is a Future Dynamics product, been around long time.
    You can probably call them for a list of firms using them. I know that offers a demo, you can go direct to futures dynamics at
  10. I am assuming that as you are criticizing them then you must know the answer. Howsabout you give us your figure and then their figure and we can compare without having to talk to anyone else.
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