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  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for a recommendation of software for Market / Volume Profiling (including composites), as well as order flow indicators to see the aggressiveness of buyers and so on.

    I currently have found 2 from my research.

    CQG - Has Market & Volume profile tools, and a 'Trade Flow' tool for order flow.
    Market Delta - has the same, their tool being called 'Footprint'.

    Are there any other serious chart packages that have in depth Market / Volume Profiling capabilities?

  2. Investor RT has the same volume profile and volume delta capabilities as Market Delta, but costs less. Its basically the same platform as market delta without the footprint charts. I believe it is probably the most popular for volume delta, and seems to be the most feature-rich in this area.

    Ninjatrader has some indicators that give you what you're looking for, though for historical data, you have to record and save it yourself to get the volume delta information. Google Gomi MP and Gom Delta. There are also some commercial indicators from Rancho Dinero for Ninja that are similar.

    Trading Technologies has long offered volume delta indicators, in fact they claim to own a patent on calculating volume delta, though it is a somewhat dubious patent and hasn't been tested in court afaik. They are very pricy but have a reputation for stability and being able to handle fast markets well.

    If you're interested in volume profile you'll probably find FutureTrader71's tweets and videos worth checking out.

    SierraCharts and Multicharts also have some types of volume delta and volume profile charts.
  3. Thanks Goldstandard. I didn't realise they were one and the same.

    I'll take a look. Thank you again for your help and advice.
  4. Hey Gold Standard. Do you know where there is a forum for Investor RT specific questions / discussion?

    I.e. if I want guidance on some custom code I am developing, or on what the best settings are for a certain part of the software?

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    Amibroker has an excellent Volume at price tool
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    I have used Investor RT for a long time now and it is the best, hands down. I used MD for a while and while it is great I was not making money using the footprint so I didn't need to pay for it. I used CQG for a short time and it didn't really compare in my mind but by the time I tried it IRT was like a third hand. Regarding the GOM indicators, they are great if you need a free alternative but I do not like NT, my main complaint against NT is the storing of data on your computer to build a composite.

    I use TT to execute and while they do (as stated above) have a patent on Cum VOl Delta, the version they offer is subpar.
  8. Hi Bathrobe. Thanks for your comments.

    I think I will go with Market Delta (if the footprint offers nothing superior for me, then I can always switch to IRT).

    I am trialling it at the moment and it is just taking me ages to understand and get used to all the different settings menus in IRT because it's so in depth and I am so used to CQG.

    I guess it's the sacrifice you make when switching systems - you have to go through the learning process again.....
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    FWIW, Market Delta's footprint profile chart is easily the most comfortable on my eyes of any chart format Ive ever stared at for hours on end.
  10. think or swim is cool for me.
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