Best Platform for trading futures options?

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  1. I have used the IB TWS. Even though I can't stand IB's customer service, I was able to execute all futures options trades without a hike--includes naked shorts, spreads, etc. Does any other broker out there have a platform similiar to IB's TWS for trading futures options? Thanks for your input.
  2. MTE


    Thinkorswim should be good when they enable them.
  3. Thanks. I keep TOS in my favorites, and I am currently papertrading stocks and stock options. If the platform for trading futures and futures options looks as good as TWS, then I will consider moving my account to TOS. I hope TOS enables futures options trading soon.
  4. probably want to wait at least a month or two after TOS rolls out the options on futures to let them workout all the kinks first. Also their commission seems expensive compared to IB.

    The Options Spreads -> Generic in IB is just awesome, it lets you package anything you want into 1 trade with a single bid/ask. With that, i really dont see what else is needed.
  5. ToS allows all the various combo trades as well. Not to mention they price match commissions with most brokers.
  6. Tos is constantly improving their platform as well as their technology. Whenever they go live with the options on futures (which should be soon according to the last notification I got.); it will be the best or close to the best platform out there.
  7. ToS has a lot of specialized tools for a guy like you.

    Why don't you drop Tom Sosnoff an email to see what's going on? I'm sure he'd be glad to have you on board.

    Good trading.
  8. I tried, but TOS didn't match IB commission.
  9. does anyone know the commission TOS charges? most brokerage including IB charges more for options on futures than normal equity option contracts.

    I am going to have a case of MAS ( multiple account syndrome ) lol, already got 3 open accounts in 3 different brokerages.
  10. ToS default commissions:
    The lesser of: $2.95 per contract OR $1.50 per contract plus $9.95 (only one $9.95 charge for unlimited spread legs)

    Per Share Commission*
    $.015 per share ($5.00 minimum)
    Flat Fee Trading**
    $9.95 per trade (market or limit orders; 5,000 shares maximum)

    NOW TOS will match commissions with most other brokers...IB is not one of them. I personally am using Tradeking commissions of $0.65 per contract and $4.95 per leg for options. I use the default for stocks.

    I can also say that I have never had any issues with the TOS software crashing, hanging, or anything. There was one day their upstream data provider for TOS charts had an issue and it was resolved before I even really noticed it was a problem. I only know it happened due to the built in notification system message I got from support. Even then they have 2 upstream providers so the other set of built in charts (Profit Charts) was running fine.
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