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Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by bandit77, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. I'm shopping for a new broker, and pretty much narrowed down my choice to IB. I'm currently on Scottrade elite. Scottrade sucks overall, commission, execution, speed, etc. But I like the "feel" of their platform for keeping charts/quote lists/etc where I put them last, and all on the same scrollable screen.

    Can someone recommend a 3rd party software to go on top of IB that will give me a similar platform? Thanks in advance
  2. I should add that Scottrade elite is somewhat similar to Cybertrader. Cybertrader is a rip off imo for what it offers. I liked Bridge when it was around. Anyway to duplicate bridge or bloomberg type platforms with IB?
  3. Medved QT

    Excellent Charts
  4. bandit77,

    I have to agree with you about Scottrade.

    We at QuoteTracker have quite a few Scottrade users (and ex-Scottrade users :) ). You will find that QuoteTracker can handle all the things you need. QT remembers the last position of all the windows at the time you close QT and restores them when you restart. It has tons of other features as well.

    If you have any questions and cannot find the answer in the online help (F1 brings up context sensitive help within QT), just email our support. Most of the time the reply will get to you within minutes.

    Jerry Medved
  5. If that's ever not fast enough... look up your question in QT's very active message board for users. (Anyone can browse or search it.) Chances are, the question has already been asked and answered in detail there, more than once.
  6. Thanks Jerry, fast response indeed :)

    I'm looking at Quotetracker as we speak. I trade options quite a bit, and the demo only shows option quotes in a browser window. I take it IB will have direct feed of option quotes into Quotetracker?
  7. options in browser - you must be looking at option chains. We do not currently support streaming option chains. You can enter the specific option symbols into QuoteTracker and they will work, same as any other symbol.
  8. gotcha, thanks Jerry. I'll definitely need streaming options, so looks like it may not be the best solution for me. I like the web connect feature of QT though, ie before if I wanted the financials of a company, I'd have to go to yahoo finance, punch in symbol, and click to what I need. very useful. I'll play around with it during market hours to get a feel for it.
  9. Bandit, QuoteTracker does have streaming options. Just not option Chains. NOTE: since TWS does have to be running (if you connect with IB), you could bring up the option chain from TWS if needed. Keep in mind that QT windows are not in a "Container" window, so you can intermix them with windows from other applications easily.