Best Platform for Amp Trading?

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    I'm considering moving to Amp and wanted feedback from users about their experiences and what they find is the optimal set-up.

    What do you use? Platform and data?

    As for what I would like
    - speed (naturally)
    - decent charts, I don't need overly complicated charting package (I like Ninja, but I understand that is no longer offered)
    - ability to have OCO native on a server, in case my system goes down. This isn't a must have, as I do have battery back running, but a nice safety valve

    Which data is best, or do they differ based on the platform chosen?

    Thanks so much!
  2. the tt webtrader and the trading view webtrader is good imo. but thats just me
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    How is speed for a frontend touted as an advantage? It should be completely irrelevant because it makes up a maximum 10 or 20 percent of the total latency from the decision to submit an order until the order is matched at the exchange's matching engine. That percentage decreases to about 1-5% when the client machine sits several dozens or hundreds of milliseconds away from TT's servers. Saying speed is a distinctive advantage of TT when chart trading sounds like you have nothing better to offer. I hope that's not the case.

  5. CBC


    I like CQG qtrader the best. I also like AMP a lot and would reccomend them to any1.

    TT looks pretty neat as well.

    Yea it is a shame about ninja, however I think ninja may re-open back up to all because I don't think they will be able to sell enough platforms.

    AMP is 10/10.
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  6. It's not just the front end and I made three distinct statements.

    The speed of the TT platform benefits traders in many ways. Consider a spreading strategy. If your trading platform can significantly improve your response time, you are trading with an advantage. The processing time between receiving a market update and submitting a re-quote or receiving a fill and submitting a hedge order is incredibly important. Improving response time may add alpha to your strategy as you may now get fills that a slower platform may be able to deliver.

    Regarding chart trading, traders may submit automated trading logic, like TT Bracket and TT OCO orders, as well as their own algos direct from the chart. The logic for automated orders is sitting on TT servers that are co-located with the exchange matching engines.

    Here's a paragraph from the blog post cited above:
    "Regarding performance, for users of Autospreader® and ADL®, TT has now established itself as the preferred platform between the two. We’ve been saying for a while now that TT is the fastest commercially available futures platform, and while this is a bold claim, we back it up by being transparent with latency reporting directly in the app. We are continuously investing in the measurement and optimization of the platform and are now achieving production Autospreader hedge latencies as low as 25 microseconds with a median in the mid-50s and re-quote latencies of 22 mics with a median in the mid-30s."
  7. Zzzz1


    the only part of your statements that makes sense is with algorithms/order types that sit directly on your server side. I have not seen a single platform, even the most crude, simplistic retail front-ends that suffer from latency issues in regards to purely discretionary (trader intervention) order submission. Think about it for a moment: Anyone who has a latency of, let's say 150-200ms, to reach your servers (and that is a pretty fair assumption imho) could not care less whether your front-end processes an order, submitted from the time the button is pushed until the order is sent out to your server, 50 milliseconds faster or slower. The time the trader sees the quote on the screen it may already be an outdated quote to start with, adding to that the time it takes to react on incoming data, pushing the button, and such forth on average takes 500 milliseconds or so. I do not see how you can make a point that your front-end in this respect is superior because its a bit faster than other front-ends (and this claim would have to be evaluated and tested to even start with). If you agree, may I suggest to simply leave the front-end speed argument completely out of your sales pitch and focus on features that really matter?

  8. I still use NinjaTrader for automated directional trading but I don't think they offer it anymore...Unless you've had an account for a few years already.
  9. canuck


    Thanks for all of the posts, I greatly appreciate it.

    To be clear, I use charts but am not a chart trader, but it is nice to know that option is available. I am a traditional manual trader, no execution algo's but do use some grey boxes for alerts that I manually execute.

    To be clear as well, OCO on TT are native on your server?

  10. Yes @canuck. TT OCO logic is managed on our co-located servers.
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