Best platform for a CTA

Discussion in 'Trading' started by SuperVolatility, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. I am looking for recommendation for best platform for an emerging CTA. My current executiton platform is Infinity and Sierra Chart. I love both but each have drawbacks.

    I appreciate Pros sharing some info:
    -What/Who is the best broker from FCM/execution stand point?

    -Which/broker is recommended as Introducing Broker (perhaps a firm with larger client base? well known??)

    -Billing - who provides best billing so customers charged the 20% incentive fee and 2% management fee?

    -Technology - best overall technical foundation such as good charts, flexible, customization/support, data feed?

    -Pricing - tho negotiable including if have ECN membership.. Who would you recommend? Great thing about IB and Infinity you don't pay for data feeds separately unlike TS...

  2. no CTAs?
  3. You might have noticed that there is a search function....
  4. I have searched, posted on previously discussed threads and created a new post specific to platform questions.
  5. I am a CPO, friends & family only. Futures only.

    Quote/Charting & Occasional execution platform: TradeStation (subscription version + Brokerage a/c)
    Backup Quote & Primary execution: IB
    P&L calculations & reporting to partners: Homebrew java program
    Day to Day Record keeping + Trade Log: Excel. Will expand the java program to get rid of excel. Low priority
  6. Thank you.

    I assume you have less than 15 clients or less than $450K under management?
  7. That is correct. Aside from me, only have 4 limited partners. One of them is a special situation, so it's more like 3 limited partners