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Discussion in 'Options' started by as586, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. as586


    Where is the best place or online platform, in terms of spreads, range of choice to trade, and analytics to trade options for retail traders/punters? Thanks
  2. rmorse

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    Need more information.

    Reg-T or Portfolio Margin?
    Size of your account deposit?
    Do you need DMA or Smart routes?
    Do you trade small or large lots?
    What would you say is your average monthly volume?
    Do you require access to the complex order books (COB)
    Do you use a lot of margin(So interest rates matter)?
    What country are you located in?
    Are you will to pay for platform/data fees?
    and, do you need good charting?

    You don't have to answer these questions here, but to give you an intelligent response, anyone would need this information.

  3. TskTsk


    Interactive Brokers or TOS (ThinkOrSwim) seems to be the norm around here.
  4. EliteTrader is the best place to trade options- hands down.

    Entering orders is as easy as typing it out

    Example: Jun Monthly ATM Call on AAPL- 10 lots.

    Then once you post it, edit it according to whether it was a loss or a profit.

    Consistent profits, no losses, bragging rights.

    What other system can do that for you?

    And NO COMMISSIONS or Data Access fees. Not to mention a slew of other equally successful traders/ advisors to guide you and follow you...