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    I was curious as to which entity you guys think has the most reasonable commissions/fees. I'd also like some input regarding the software that you guys favor and why.

    Disclaimer: I'm new to this and just trying to compile as much information as possible.

    Thanks in advance...
  2. I use thinkorswim. Great software which is free. You just got to learn how to use it. It's a lot easier to understand when setting my trades as opposed to some others I've had. As for the price, it's not the cheapest but it's fair.

    IB and OH get pretty cheap.
  3. IB is slightly less than $1.00 per contract. Open and close will be less than $2.00.
  4. Including transaction costs?!
  5. Yes
  6. If you have the assets, Customer Portfolio Margin accounts are the best way to trade options. Unfortunately, our minimums for these accounts are $150k. Our rates are much better the IB or TOS. It is more of an institutional account rather than retail. These are not normal reg-t accounts. They offer good leverage and enable market maker "like" margin.

    btw: The platform for most active option traders I recommend is called Silexx Obsidian. You can trade equities, options and futures. It has a great risk module and charting. The cost is $200 - $400/month. Again, this is a professional platform and includes exchange data fees.

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  8. TOS standard rates are outrageously expensive at 9.95 + 1.50 per contract (I think it used to be .75 before TD Ameritrade). I have a "special discount" of 1.50 per contract with no ticket fee. Since I got back into this and started paper trading about a month ago I am up over $5,000 with over $4500 in commissions. They have a good platform but the commissions are a deal killer. If I start real trading I'll ask for a better rate or look elsewhere. They do claim to match rates with other brokers when you open an account, not sure about an existing one.

    Even Schwab is a better deal at 8.95+.75 per.
  9. Do u have a URL that I could see more details? Right now I am using IB and doing heavy volume.
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    Thanks for all the input guys. I appreciate the feedback.
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