Best Place to start learning Forex?

Discussion in 'Forex' started by wow22, Jun 25, 2003.

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    Have been trading for 10 years (securities) am interested in learning how to trade currencies...but don't want to spend a fortune on seminars that tell be "green" buy "red" sell in their software.

    Any info on Books, great trading sw, gurus in the business?

  2. Read anything by Cornelius Luca.
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    A good question. Please post any information you find that might be helpful to others who are interested. Thanks.
  4. Just watch the majors every day or look at them EOD, and read the news like on Watch Bloomberg TV and learn what economic release move the market. Do this for a year or two and trade a mini account. Don't try to daytrade for 20 pips here and there.
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  6. I opened a demo acct at FXCM and ran over to the library yesterday. Took out a book called, "How the foreign exchange markets work", by Rudi Weisweiller.

    Might give a mini acct a shot after the demo ends. Not sure yet.
    Gonna look for some more educational materals too.
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    Where are the useful link so I can learn? Thanks!
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  10. hi,

    i am new to forex also, but have learned a ton from and by trading a demo and mini account. it is an extremely interesting market utilizing all your trading, news and intuitive skills. i love it !


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