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Discussion in 'Hardware' started by 4Qs, Jun 18, 2007.

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    Looking to purchase 2 lcd monitors, prob 17'' but maybe 20''. 2 questions...

    a) how much did you pay for yours? Looking to spend <120.00 each

    b) where is the best place to get the best prices and shop?

    c) is anyone in chicago interested in selling 2 that they arent using?

  2. Got a samsung 204b at circuit city (in store). It had a few dead pixels in the lower right corner, took it back and they exchanged it right away. Nice monitor.
  3. At $120 price point, you're scraping the bottom of the barrel for cheap, cheap, cheap. Don't expect too much. However, you can sometimes find the Hanns-G monitors for around that price after rebate. They're actually quite good and with 3 year warranty.

    If you want a high quality monitor with UXGA resolution and at a reasonable price, you should look at the HP LP2065 and Planar PL2010M... both around $350-$375.
  4. Buyer beware on the low end, low cost LCD's.. Warranties against dead pixels frequently require up to 10 adjacent dead pixels.. Make sure you read the fine print, and deal with someone like new egg that will make the RMA process as easy as possible.
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    I have a 15" Sony and a 17" NU that I'll part with for $150 total. the Nu has 1 dead pixel only on a black background. the sony is fine.
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    yep my vote for hanns g 19". i got 2 from newegg @ 130 each AF couple months ago. max resolution is 1280 x 1024, but it's enough for me
  7. , if not costco, if it breaks or you get a dead pixel you can just bring it back and they'll give you a new one
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