Best place to live in Vancouver, BC

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  1. cher


    Hi everyone! I am planning to move to Vancouver from Toronto this year.
    Which area in Vancouver do u think is best for me?
    -good for people like me who work in hotels, and likes the mix of city life and nature views.
    -will rent an affordable apartment (or maybe in basement for a start) but in a safe area.
    Please HELP (be specific if possible). Thanks!:)
  2. Probably the wrong forum for this topic. I'm sure the ET Gods will move it for you, so be sure to look for your thread elsewhere, like “hook up”.

    Ether buy or rent a boat and live on the water in a marina. That way you can move your “home” anywhere at anytime, around that island you chose to go.
  3. Siwash


    Kitsilano or the West end.

    Don't bother looking anywhere else.
  4. The Main and Hastings area is one of the nicest areas of Vancouver, from about the 200 East block to the 100 West block of Hastings Street.

    The people in that area are very friendly.
  5. Don't count on a basement suite being cheap, Vancouver now has the highest realestate values in the country and in a tight rental market there's no cheap rentals, only condos are built these days which are rented but usually at a high rent; housekeeping rooms are about $350/mth and you might think about sharing.

    google: vancouver bc apartment rentals
    here's one site:
    Purchase or in the library read the Saturday 'Vancouver Sun' for rental listings and employment.

    The Lower Mainland transit system is very good so one can live 'anywhere' depending on how much travel time you're prepared to spend.

    Suggest if possible you obtain employment prior to relocating.

    If you're female — Cher, the Main and Hastings area while now having several condos is the lowest income area of Vancouver/Lower Mainland, traditionally 'skid row' and while the majority of the low income people may be very nice people, it has the largest population of alcoholics, drug addicts and drug sellers in V/LM, situated in between the highly touristy 'GasTown' and 'Chinatown'.

    V/LM is generally safe, Kits and the WE are higher rent unless you can share.
  6. cher


    Thanks Wallace, Siwash, Forex-Forex for bits of info, you’ve been very helpful! :)

    And thank you too, Sulong… you’ve been an inspiration for the others NOT to be like you- hostile. You seriously need to chill out or better yet take a shower! :D

    Peace to all :cool:
  7. ozzy


    I would say Kitsalano.

    Lots of cute young girls running around.
  8. Siwash


    True dat,had dinner at Kit's beach tonight!!!
  9. depends what you want.

    i have been/lived in a lot of places and vancouver is the best imo...

    young yuppy living is available in kits.... lots o babes... uni is near by.. near the beach which is nice. $$$$. i lived here for a bit and enjoyed it but ya feel like you have to dress up to go to breakfast - lots of people pretending they have more money than they do and lots of people who do have more money than you anyone who can afford a mill for a shitty 80 year old house is either rich or about to be poor...

    commercial drive is hip. lots of great local independant restaurants with GREAT food - nice and inexpensive too. i really like the vibe on commercial. its a bit grungy but cup is awesome there 24/7 because it is a melting pot. if you like to smoke weed they sell it in the streets...

    deep cove on the north shore is really nice . about 1/2 hour drive to city but right on the mountains.i lived there for a few years.honeys donuts.mmmmmmmmmmmmmm........donuts.. great hikes... cute little town right on georgia straight. paddle a canoe. smoke one. truly does not get better than this... i used to hike up the baden powell trail 40 minutes at 4am - have my coffee and then drive in to the city... market opens at 6.30 am bc time.. be on the golf course by 1pm and in bed by 8pm

    just a few suggestions but i totally reccomend you check it out. whistler is awesome. squamish is nice too. bowen island . tofino. salt springs.damn...

    if you like to party - vancouver really is pretty lame i hear. but if you like lifestyle and fitness and such - its a great place to be... the mountains are beautiful
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    If you're able to somehow get water, ya it would be nice. :)
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