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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by markiv, May 28, 2003.

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    i am looking for a trading firm to join as a new trader preferably in nyc. I don't mind contributing some initial capital. i would like to know which are the best trading firms to start a career with. Also i would appreciate if i could get there contact info.
  2. schonfeld securities!!! But I don't think it is hiring. Check ETG, Worldco, Generic Trading, and hold brothers... What else...?
  3. markiv


    I heard that Heartland Securities,schonfeld securities and FNYS are the best trading firms for a new trader, that they have one of the best training programs. Is that true? Also are any of these firms hiring.
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    The entry barriers to this business are low. have you considered going on your own??
  5. I heard Schonfeld wants to buy heartland's retail trading part. Right now, heartland might have some trouble. For FNYS, it is not easy to get in right now.

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    i sent couple of e-mails to FNYS but got no response, called them up and was told that no position is open. But heard from someone that they hire mostly through referrals.
  7. At the risk of 'schilling' - check out Bright's 'boot-camp' for up to 12 weeks in Las Vegas and then trade in their New York (close to Wall Street) or Long Island office.

    Need your own 'stake' ($25,000 minimum, recommend $50,000), lots of patience, an open mind and a tough skin. The trainers are from New York/New Jersey!!

  8. is heartland self clearing?
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    Schonfeld? Why would someone want to be trained by a firm that continues to close offices and get rid of traders? Not bashing, just doesn't make much sense to me......:confused:
  10. dunno, why do people want to get jobs at Goldman Sachs, Lehman, Merrill, Salomon, when they're downsizing???
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