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Discussion in 'Politics' started by bungrider, Jun 2, 2002.

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  1. Geographically vote goes to Tempe, AZ for best. Hoochies galore. The hotter it gets, the less they wear.

    Worst - that's a tough call. Maybe New Haven. Or anywhere in the midwest.
  2. NDQnCA

    NDQnCA Guest

    nah- my vote has to be santa barbara ca- i went to school on the ocean surrounded by hotties in bikinis on the beach- they all work out and are tan- damn, I had some fun there in college and I was the slut. :) But, where I am moving to is even better- Pacific Beach- which is a beach community in San Diego- its all college coeds and young working women under 30- not a bad place to live.....good bars, beaches and hotties galore.....I would say the worst are probably Jersey girls and anywhere in the Midwest cause I don't know if they eat too much corn or what but they are pretty thick there it seems......
  3. I bet California does have a lot of hotties. I live in Sarasota, and its ok here, but the Miami/Boca/Ft/ Lauderdale is unreal. South Beach should be called "Thong City."

    I lived in Kansas City for 31 years. I am now 32. I think you would be surprised about the midwest. Any sizable city will have some good looking women. Kansas City certainly does.

    Dallas very nice also.
  4. Yeah, the thing about the midwest (and my experience has been fairly limited) is that there are so many chunky girls there, that the mediocre ones get an attitude, and the good looking ones are few and far between.

    The coasts are way more cutthroat, so I think the bar's alot higher and there's more competition. There's lot of crazy women out there (no doubt the same is true for men), so it's always good to have a lot of cuties to choose from.
  5. janko


    ok i just couldnt keep shut on this one, well im in orlando, and yes no shortage of honies here either, i have to say miami is damn nice, topless tanning, well you cant go wrong there,-well actually you do see a bad apple once in a while, but its not that bad. But i have to say, that the girls in czecho - slovakia are freaking unbelievable, im sure cesko and others who have been there can verify this for me! girls are nice, lean, and gorgeous, and the best part is, from the get-go most of them grew up in a mentality where it is the womans job to please the man. Anyone see anything wrong with that!?!? i didnt think so.
    ok just my thought- carry on>>>>
  6. Shit man, where do I sign up?? What do you reckon, Prague or Bratislava?
  7. janko


    Prague is a beautiful city, and i'm sure the women go right along with it, i am from bratislava, and i can say, is damn, you go anywhere in the city and i guarantee you will see a beautiful girl at almost any store or a bus stop or just a street in the city. But some of them are getting a bit snotty, thats why if you go further up north in slovakia, and visit lets say banska bystrica, a smaller city up north, well my man, those girls melt right in your hand when you tell them youre from bratislava needles to say from USA. You waive your passport or say something in english and whola, your night is made. heck im trying to get time off here to go there in july, the girls basically wear nothing casue its so nice and warm there, man i cant wait./
  8. Must be a former iron curtain thing. I reckon I can get me a similar deal in Macedonia. Plus I can speak the lingo there!
  9. JPB


    Hey Bung-
    I graduated from Arizona State and still live here. I'd have to agree with you. Do you live here or just visit to harass our women?

  10. I did live there for winter one year...and I love to harass your women! I may go back for a year or so, it's soooo tempting, especially since we don't have filiberto's (or a natural abundance of skinny girls) where I live now. :D
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