best place to get news.. news wire..

Discussion in 'Educational Resources' started by cdcaveman, Nov 6, 2012.

  1. where do traders typically get their news.. and if your gonna say CNBC please don't respond... news to me is mostly poisonous noise.. so i'm just wondering where a professional would get news.. bloomberg?
  2. bloomberg, wsj, reuters - i have about 20 blogs in an rss feed and subscribe to the dealbook email (morning and afternoon email w/ great curation of links)

    one of the can't miss blogs is abnormal returns - been reading it for years

    bottom line if all you did was watch price and read bloomberg you'd be set
  3. yeah... bloomberg seems to be the ticket.. you can't ever keep a spin off things..
  4. Now Frank, when somebody asked about ES, I said I would always have DX, GC, CL, ZN, and NQ and YM on my screen, and you said none of that was necessary, all you needed were a few different time frames.

    Now you say you have 20 blogs?