Best place to build a retirement home.

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  1. i live in the cold midwest. i have had enough. i want to build a retirement home in a nice rural area close to a city. some of the things i require are:

    moderate climate.
    green trees and grass. no desert for me.
    city within 50 miles.
    3 acres minimum.
    100-200k for a lot max.
    paved roads nearby.
    utilities to lot line.
    high speed internet.
    no extreme hot or cold temps.
    some kind of nice view.

    i liked the lake tahoe area when we visited there but prices are out of site so maybe something like an undiscovered lake tahoe type place with a warmer climate would work. any ideas?
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    Lake Tahoe gets pretty cold in the winter, depending on what side of the mountain range you are on (cali/nevada) or your position in the Carson valley.

    Maybe something in central florida? I don't know how much 'culture' there is down there, if that kind of thing matters to you.
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    North Central Colorado... there's also a race track at Erie...

    Is 0F or an occasional -20F too cold?
  4. I would probly look at Oregon or Washington with that criteria. I'm completely talking out my ass but I would think there would be some nice property at decent prices just outside the burbs of some of the bigger cities up that way.
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    i would add taxes to that don't want to pay 15-20K property tax every year on 300K house, aren't you?
  6. Nothin' could be finea' than to be in carolina (north). Wake County.

    Close to ocean and mountains. Further south it gets too hot and north it gets too cold.

    Next to Raleigh, the capital city.

    Moderate prices for homes and land.

    Excellent schools and medical facilities.
  7. Basically the whole left coast is absurdly expensive. I looked at WA and OR myself and while they're nice, they're also over-priced.

    Hate to say it, but the midwest probably gets the best bang for the buck for cost of living.

    I hear northern AZ and NM are nice for climate.
  8. florida is too hot in summer. i have relatives down in orlando. they run from an air conditioned office to an air conditioned car to an air conditioned house in the summer and never go outside.
  9. i have heard good things about the carolinas. how humid does it get in summer?
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    How about 2 acres on the water, 40 minutes from Houston ?

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