Best place to begin your trading career NYC, Chicago, Northern NJ, Stamford CT

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    College Grad. Here are the best place and worst place to start your Trading Career.

    Best place to trade:

    1) NYC
    2) Chicago
    3) Northern NJ (who the fuck wants to live in NJ)
    4) London
    5) Stamford, CT

    Worst place to trade

    1) Florida (South FL) Capital of Chop Shop. Stay away!
    2) California
    3) Texas
    4) Atlanta
    5) Denver

    People should know by now Florida is the CAPITAL of chop shop whether they are prop firm, hedge funds, brokerages, and 3rd party educational/system vendors.

    I advise to stay away from doing business in Florida. Otherwise, they (Prop firms, 3rd party educational/system vendors, brokerages, hedge funds) will steal your money!

    I am looking for the best answer. Bring them up!
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    I live in jersey and im a few minutes away from nyc. I would like to know which schools or which hedge funds to go for. I think i need more education im not that good and i know one day this gold trend will come to an end. Help me out thanks :)
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    I make some money...NOT ALOT.. but im filled with the notion that the house always wins. I hear stories of my friends they go in to there desks at the hedge funds and look in there emails and all the stocks they need to trade today are already there. All the positions to take are already there.
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    I don't have a degree just experience and education.
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    There are a lots of firms in nyc and nj hiring without college degree
  7. cme is about to leave chicago- so even if it were to be the best now, it won't be in a few years
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    Aren't you the guy that says all you do is lose when you trade. You just lose!

    Chicago is the trading capital of the world.
  9. In your moms basement.


  10. Any evidence of this? Interesting tidbit if true
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