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  1. I would like to know the best pizza places in NY, NJ or CA. Please put location or address so that I can get there when I go to NY for the up coming expo.

    Since I'm from Cali, I'll start by posting my favorite place called Domineos (NY style) in Hollywood on Fairfax in between Beverly and Melrose.

  2. Patsy's Brooklyn
  3. ray's, 6th ave just below w4th right next to w4th station entrance. its a hole in the wall, but its gooood imo
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    Joe's Pizza

    Corner of Bleeker St and Carmine St (near corner of Ave of The Americas aka 6th AVE). Old school medium thin crust Pizza.

    Patsy's is also top of the list best one is the original 116th and First Ave. In The Hood!

  5. Anyone know of any pizza place that uses Salsa instead of regular tomato paste?
    The kitchen is an interesting testing ground.
  6. two boots might have somethn like this, i recommend mr pink.

    6th and somethn, 10th maybe.
  7. i was disapointed in ray's pizza. not sure which one i visited, but was seriously let down. in my opinion--pittsburgh, PA has the best pizza in the world. i have not had any pizza in NYC or philly that even compares to Pittsburgh pizza !


    tasty surf:)
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    Well Chicago is #1, BUT Pitt. does have some good 'za. Weirdly though, there is a Pittsburgh pizzaria in Ft. Lauderdale called Primanti Brothers Pizza that has the worst pizza I've ever eaten. The sauce tastes like Chef Boyardee. Nothing against the Chefman, just not on pizza. In fact Lauderdale has the worst pizza imaginable. How can a town full of New Yorkers and Chicagoans be so lame in producing such a dietary staple.
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    One of the Rays in New York is very good.
    Mamaroneck pizza was great 15 years ago. They had a couple of spinoffs (ex employees) in Greenwich that were real good for a while.
    A place in or near Mineola near my grandmothers has great pizza and is very busy.

    Pizza in California pretty much sucks with rare exceptions. For instance Bronx Pizza in San Diego is all right but they polluted their restaurant with a bunch of wolfgang puck type pizza abortions. Giovannis in Mammoth is pretty good pizza that tastes taste great with beer after boarding or skiing.

    When I visited Chicago I have had good to great pizza everytime.

    Sarasota Florida has been 2 for 2 so far in terms of being better than California.
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