Best Pink Sheet (OTC) Broker?

Discussion in 'Order Execution' started by Antihero1776, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Who would your recommend as the best pink sheet broker?

    I currently have Interactive Brokers.

    Thanks, I want hear people experiences and suggestion.

    They offer 15 cent commissions and 28% margin interest.

    You need a fax number, they fax in the quotes in the morning and you call in the trades.
  3. That site dose not work.
  4. noob................punked you
  5. Can you say more about why you want to switch from IB? I've only used IB for a few pink sheet trades but find they handle the same as any OTC issue. Their quotes are real time, same liquidity as everyone else, low commissions and only $1 a month data fee (as I recall).
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    But wondering who you work for ? :cool:

    I'm just beginning to learn about people who live to hype something to others. Not my style.

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    I am wondering who people use also. I was issued a stock cert from the company and the shares are eligible to trade, but the stock is at $.15 and hasn't traded for a year, so no one will let me deposit the shares. Does anyone know of a brokerage firm that will take them????
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    there are almost no firms taking otcbb and if they do you need a clear path back to the issuer. Opinion letter, agreement, debt conversion paperwork, stuff like that..and it all needs to show a clear path back to the issuer. FINRA has clamped down on clearing firms like legent and penson and on B/D's who wont take the risk anymore....they only firms I know that will take it is scottsdale and they will rape you...You are stuck with a piece of paper in other words. They are charging $500.00 nonm refundable just to take the cert and then 1% on top of the ticket and 5% commish...