Best performing stock markets in 2009 ( local currency )

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  1. Below we highlight the year-to-date percentage change (local currency) for the major equity indices of 82 countries. So far this year, 71 of the 82 countries are in positive territory, and the average change of all countries is 33.27%. With a gain of 20.76%, the S&P 500 is 13 percentage points below the average, yet it's the second best G-7 performer behind Canada so far in 2009.

    The BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China) have been standouts this year. Russia is up the most out of all countries with a gain of 126.71%. Brazil, China, and India are all up more than 70%. Along with Russia, the Ukraine, Argentina, and Peru are up more than 100% year to date.

    Eleven countries are down so far in 2009. Ghana is down the most at -48.26%, followed by Puerto Rico (-40.56%), Bermuda (-38.36%), and Costa Rica (-35.37%).


    Better performing markets than the US of A ? Really ?!!

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  2. Check 'em out. Nice way to bring in 2010.

    Nice tables, gavaroot pa Russki was the way to go in 2009.
  3. TASE (mid caps) on fire this morning.

    Nice way to bring in 2010.

    So which sectors and/or economies do you like in 2010?

    Apologies for the previous post not mentioning TASE.
  4. 1) When emerging markets turn into submerging markets, be careful!
    2) The capitalization of most of those countries is puny.
    3) Are you considering a vacation to Ghana in the near future? :confused: :D
  5. what would be a good way to invest in Brazil, China, and India?
  6. Buy EWZ. :cool:
  7. Ukrain, Argentina, Hungary...

    Some of the higher ranking countries in this list are considered to be close to bankruptcy even by the rating agencies...

    Does poor public finance equals positive stockmarket return?
  8. EWZ is a big ETF investing in Brazil; it's performance is 124% for 2009.

    BRF is Brazil small cap; it's brand new, and it performs better than EWZ.

    China is FXI or GXC. China small cap is a better performer, it's HAO.

    India is INP, EPI, or PIN.

    You want to be careful with Russia (RSX). They got naughty and RSX plunged 20%, but the next day, it spiked back up as if nothing happened.
  9. i bought rsx (russian etf) in the 11's and held until 26! most points i ever scored on a single trade!
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