Best Performing Stock For 2006

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    Here's your chance to be the worlds best stock picker for 2006

    Post the stock, along with its symbol, and the price that it closed at as of Dec 30th, 2005, that you predict will be the best performing stock in percent terms for 2006....Then we'll look back next year at this time and see which one of us is the WORLDS BEST STOCK PICKER FOR 2006!!!

    To be officially included, you must post your selection no later than **** Jan 10th, 2006....Individual stocks that closed on Dec 30th. 2005, $5.00 or OVER and only that are traded on the NYSE, NASDAQ or AMERICAN EXCHANGE are eligible.

    ****You can make a stock pick after Jan 10th, but it won't be included in the running for The Worlds Greatest Stock Picker for 2006 Contest!

    Good Luck and Let's Roll !!!
  2. Star


    My Pick For Best Performing Stock for 2006 is:

    OptionsXpress Holdings Inc. (OXPS)

    Closing Price Dec 30, 2005
  3. chud


    How bout posting your reasoning as well.
  4. Star


    Can do that as well if anyone cares to...For myself, I am picking Options Xpress, OXPS, for 2006 due to it has already DOUBLED in the last 52 weeks and I feel it will at least do that again.. I base my feelings on the fact that I have an account with them and they have been just superb and I feel their stock is an undiscovered gem and I felt that way when I bought the stock....just look at its performance.
  5. Probability of OXPS being top performer for year is extremely low. The top 5 performer in year (in percent terms) tend to be stock below 10 dollars at the beginning of move.
    Top 5 winners for 2005
    1 GGR 0.80 to 12.77 1477%
    2 NTRI 2.72 to 36.02 1219%
    3 VPHM 1.68 to 18.50 995%
    4 PWEI 2.95 to 20.50 593%
    5 IFO 2.38 to 16.24 580%
  6. Sanjuro


    You didn't read the first post carefully.

    "$5.00 or OVER"

    I would prefer $20.00 or over. Picking such low stocks is high risk.

  7. I am sorry, I missed that, but still I would predict with extreme high degree of confidence that OXPS will not be on that list because the next five top performers if you use above 5 will be between 5-10 at the beginning of year.

    Even if you use 20 plus price criteria, OXPS probability of being in the top 5 is extremely low because it has a currently 62 million shares outstanding.

    Typically the top performer will have around 30 million shares outstanding and in many cases below 20 million.
    It might double but chances of it being top performer are extremely slim.
  8. Chagi


    Sorry, I'm going to break your rule, but I'm going to go on the record as saying that I feel TMTA will outperform during 2006.

    2005 closing price was $1.13.

    P.S. I don't imagine that this pick will make me particularly respected here, but I feel that the company is well advanced in the process of their turnaround.
  9. mhashe


    Another fun prediction thread.

    These are my favorite picks for 2006.


    Note: I own all of the above. Chagis TMTA is a iffy one, but I also own it.
  10. mhashe


    If that's your scan criteria, take a look at CRM. I have a few shares looking for a double.
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