Best Penny Stock Broker with Stops?

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by Cburg, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Cburg


    Does anyone know of such a broker? I need an unlimited shares for one low price, with stops and hopefully, trailing stops on .OB and .PK stocks.
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    Dear Forum,

    Is Ninja Trader an option here? Does it work well? Is there a broker for data feeds that offers low price unlimited share trading?
  3. when do you think the SEC will finally shut your kind of site down and give you some hard time with bubbah?
  4. Check out Noble trading,

    and stop asking for legitimate advice on ET. Full disclosure I don't use Noble but I'm thinking of opening an account there.
  5. Yeah, one of my close friend is a broker. He can help you. But, he is on a tour to aboard. We will get in touch with him after some days. If, you are in hurry then select alternative. Thanks...
  6. you can easily find on internet searching also
  7. Now every one prefer like penny stocks broker for best benefit.
  8. nobletrading sounds like a good deal, you should definitely check them out. noble itself is a sizable firm, and they are staffed enough to personally answer your questions and maybe even give you custom pricing.
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    Unless you are part of the scam, wouldn't it be a whole lot quicker, easier, and a lot less expensive, to just pile your money up in a mound and light it on fire?
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