Best PCI DVI Video Card?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by MarketWatcher, Jun 19, 2003.

  1. What is the best or most recommended PCI DVI video card for trading? I'm looking to get two PCI DVI video cards for my multi-monitor setup (2 191Ts) instead of one of the more expensive Matrox MMS cards. I need two true DVI connections (not a vga connection that converts to DVI). All comments are welcome.
  2. TGregg


    Why do you need digital to the 191Ts? I've got one matrox g450 anal to a 191t and it looks fine. 1 dual g450 is cheap and should work great.
  3. Aren't digital connections noticeably better? I thought you said there is a noticeable difference between digital and analog with the 191Ts?
  4. TGregg


    Just on my one analog that has an El Cheapo (TM) extra long VGA extention cable with Reverse Shielding (TM). :D That one looks like crap until I finally get around to buying a decent cable for it. My other analog with a normal, decent, unextended cable looks fine.