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    I had a heart attack 2.5 weeks ago, I have tried several variations of password to use Windows 7, but there are many things I can't remember.

    Those who might have had this problem before, which password recovery program works the easiest/best. And yeah, I can't remember where I placed the written passwords either, or shoes, and about 100 other things I know I used to have.. Grrrrrr

  2. Ophcrack had the best reviews and was the simplest one I could find a review on.

    Just google the name and you can find the site to download from.
  3. Wow, Handle....sorry to hear about that !! has great pw recovery products....but they are not cheap.
  4. Sorry to hear about that.

    What about a software tech like geeks to go or if you know the last password change date and can start it - system restore, or the safe mode on bootup start if you know the admin account password? Often these are defaults or set by the people you bought the computer from.
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    Thanks guys, I downloaded to disk a couple different password recoveries and they didn't work. But I got back some of my memory during 2nd week home, absense of meds I received in hospital. Anyway, I remembered the password and got into laptop. It is funny, I also remembered where I had my list of passwords too.
  6. I keep my trading credentials in a "safe" place, also I made sure my wife knows how to log in "just in case".

    As individuals we live day to day assuming we'll wake up and be there tomorrow. But you can't always count on that.

    My passwords are sufficiently long that no amount of password cracking can reasonably find them before the end of the universe.
  7. Wise words. Traders can act as though they will never die but in life the house always wins!

    My wife also knows where all my current passwords are. I also have a sealed letter for her in her desk with the key trading ones, and a word document on her computer with screen shots. Every quarter or so she practices logging on and clearing all my positions including long and short option positions.

    She is not a trader at all but can use both web and active trading platforms to reverse the up to 40 positions I might have at any given time.

    What password length can't be cracked before the end of your universe?
  8. Well *my* universe will end sometime within the next 50 years probably.

    But I use minimum 12 characters, mixed upper/lower case, digits and symbols. And yes, I use all 3 of those character types in every password I create.

    With current technology it would theoretically take millions of years to crack what I described. Unless something truly revolutionary happens in computing in the next 50 or so years it won't much matter to me.
  9. For fun, try one of your old passwords for time to break:

    You may be surprised by the results.

    Most would be shocked how easily passwords can be broken. The point of a password strength is to buy you enough time for the information to be useless to the code breaker. Encryption over a certain length would be considered munitions by some. The whole technology will be obsoleted by qubits anyways.

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. On Gmail I use 2 factor authentication and on my trading accounts I use the security device.

    Even if the password were cracked they'd still need the other mechanism to get in.
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