best pair for scalping

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  1. M.W.


    We are talking about USD notional turnover not profits my friend.

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    Says the one with strong interest in micro contracts. Micro contracts for micro penises :D

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    Another subject the paper trader is an expert in.

    Cold Canadian "Cabin Fever" winters will do that I'm told.
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    Dude, reconcile. We had our differences but life is way too precious to be angry at each other. Let's peace out and move on. I made a joke. I was told by your mother that your penis is big, so, obviously I was joking... ;-)

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    I mock, I don't get angry. Difference. :D

    BTW not that it is any of your business but my mother has been dead 19 years.
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    Well, I could not know that but am sorry if that stirred up sad feelings.

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  7. There are certain broker that allows scalping but they have a certain requirement like the order must not be less than five minutes, if a trader violates rules the profit will be canceled.
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  8. some brokers allows scalping and hedging in their platform that is really supportive for scalping.
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  9. kroxobor


    Transaction costs is probably the most important thing to care about in FX scalping. That's why I trade only majors and most trades are done on EURUSD with low spread (0.0-0.3 pip) broker.
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  10. fine post , i am agree with your terms and condition.
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