best pair for scalping

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  1. Why are you negative?
    The guy asks for an expert but losers are hounding him...
    Incredible !!!!
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  2. Scalping trading needs to choose the broker that allows scalping, not all brokers allow scalping, the most pair for scalping is EURUSD, the reason is this pair has the lowest spread.
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  3. Could you please share the name of your "not a bucket shop" broker please? From on-line due diligence, that seems all that is left for USA retail traders. TIA - Lou
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  4. maxinger


    the best pair for scalping - NONE.

    there are other better things for scalping / day trading.
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    Are you scolding the OP?
    I think you scold the wrong person.
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  6. when you have good experience with perfect money management then you are able to bring profit by using any kind of trading pain by scalping.
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    I trade with Baxter, Pepperstone, IB and Lmax. I am in Canada

    thanks in advance[/QUOTE]
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  8. Ehhh!..WRONG !!
    The reason some brokers allow scalping of majors like EURUSD pair is the liquidity(which yes, affects spreads in a general sense)....
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    Sure, a billion per month - that's 3 times more than Goldman Sachs makes.

    We had a poster claiming to trade 100,000 ES contracts a clip which is also laughable - not even J.P. Morgan could do that.

    Anyone with a keyboard & Internet can make ludacris claims - & some do.
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    You doubt the FX Fuunymental paper trader who knows more than the BOJ? :)
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