best pair for scalping

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  1. what currency pair do you use Guys when scalping ?
    i want expert opinion to increase my trading knowledge .
    thanks in advance
  2. Forex scalping is a sucker game. Your broker will screw you amd their data provider will screw you too. You can try but I know forexeers who are still in the game but they are swing/position trading and laugh at scalpers. One 2015 SNB like event or one burning pipeline against your levered position and you will be so deep in the shit it is really not worth it.
  3. Indices futures are better for scalping. Forex is more for positional trades and a reference for indices whether there is risk on/off.
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    Wtf are you constantly rambling about leveraged fx? You seem to have zero idea how risk management works.

    Trading a 100k notional position swings your pnl by a mere 1k for any 1% in base ccy movement. Even 10k notional in most stocks exposes your account to more risk. Perhaps run an analysis of the historical moves and their standard deviation before you make such stupid comments. I hear you complain about fx all the time. What exactly is your gripe? Because it's certainly not the outsized or unpredictable moves.

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    Duh scalping is the topic question. 1% move pffft.

    As for best, who determines best in anything. Best is a personal judgement call.
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  6. If your quote is rigged how much would you care? Still got questions?
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    Rigged? By whom? By how much? You probably don't realize that this is the most liquid asset class in the world. If you want to compare with stocks or options then currency markets are by far the least manipulated asset class of all. Let's not be naive because you read 2 stories over the last 10 years...I can pull out over 1000 issues on the spx 500 stocks alone over the last 365 days that reek of manipulation.

    But perhaps this asset class just does not suit you and you suffered heavy losses because of piss poor risk management. That's, however, not a good argument, to denigrate this particular trading and investment instrument.

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  9. Lol ususally i don't mind getting insulted on nuances. But if you don't know the industry that makes me laugh. Get lost, son.
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    I clear over a billion dollars on average per month. And I traded cash fx and fx options for over 20 years professionally. You just play a good game talking, that's all, but you know nothing about this asset class. All you do is moan because you were imprudent enough to have signed up with a bucket shop. Your fault. Don't blame it on an entire asset class.

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