Best or favorite athlete nick names

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  1. My current favorite is the nick name for Alex Rodriguez...A-Roid.

    Other famous nick names: Juice (O.J.), The Greatest (Ali), Big Diesel (Shaq), Black Momba (Kobe Bryant---he is a snake :D ), Magic (Earvin Johnson), Tiger (Eldridge Woods), Mr. Clutch (Jerry West), etc.

    What is the best/favorite nick name for a pro athlete?
  2. Pervis 'Never Nervous' Ellison

    Nigerian Nightmare = Christian Okoye

    The Refrigerator = William Perry

    The Molester = Lester Hayes

    Andre 'Red Light' Racicot (crappy NHL goaltender)
  3. all men. man-love :D
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    There was a new Navy recruiting class and their drill instructor introduced himself to them and ruled out nicknames. He was a football coach from Texas, and he shouted "My (expletive) name is Jones. It's not (expletive) Jonesy or (expletive) Chief Jones. It's (expletive) Mister (expletive) Jones, and don't you (expletive) forget it." No one ever did.
  5. Jack "The Assasin" Tatum
    Craig "Iron Head" Hayward
    Jack "Hack Saw" Reynolds
    Steve "Mongo" McMichael
    Scottie "No Tippin' " Pippen (He is rumored to be "thrifty" with his money and unfamiliar with the concept of giving gratuities.)
    Mike "I'll endorse anything" Ditka
    James "I'll let anybody blow me" Worthy
    Dennis "How am I still alive" Rodman
    Lenny "Can I sign with the Phillies or Mets for 1 year" Dykstra
    Charles "Round Mound of Rebound" Barkley
    Joe "Yankee Clipper" DiMaggio
    Yogi "Einstein" Berra......................
  6. ElCubano


    "Iceman".... George Gervin
    "the Answer" or "AI".. Allen "just practice" Iverson
    "Dr. J"..... Julius Irving
    "I-Rod".... Ivan "Pudge" Rodriguez.
    "Clyde the Glyde" ...Clyde Drexler
    "Air Jordan".... MJ
    "Air Canada" ...Vince Carter.
    "Big Ticket"...Kevin Garnett
    "Tripod"... El Cubano
  7. Billy "White Shoes" Johnson.
    Ed "Too Tall" Jones.
    Kenny "The Snake" Stabler
    Randy "The Manster" White
    Thomas "Hollywood" Henderson
    Jack "Hacksaw" Reynolds

    to name a few
  8. What's good about your list is virtually all of those nicknames became surrogate first names. I don't think I ever heard Too Tall called "Ed".

    We could add Ted "the Stork" Hendricks and Eugene "Mercury" Morris. And few people know Red Grange as Harold.

    BTW: Marvin "the Human Eraser" Webster died last week.....
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