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Discussion in 'Options' started by Xtreme, Jun 1, 2010.

  1. Xtreme


    Hi everyone,

    What would you say is the best US options trading platform that is free or relatively cheap?

    I'm looking to trade basic options strategies over US options and US stocks.
  2. retail wise I like Think or Swim...commissions on Interactive Brokers is better...I have also been recently using Live Vol Pro, good platform for volatility information
  3. has anyone tried Xtend with options express? looks good but I haven't used their service so I don't know how it is.
  4. horrible, I have optionsxpress as a second broker I can't stand their platform, freezes all the time...I do like the free DJ newswires though.
  5. kleemc


    Forget about OptionXpress. They are neither here nor there. They are neither good nor cheap.

    TOS has the best software for retail investors. Everyone else looks amateurish compared to TOS. Interactive Brokers has the lowest commission rate.

    TradeMonster is becoming aggressive in commissions as well but not as low as IB. TM's software is slightly better than OX but not much.
  6. masonyes


    I use Tradeking and it's very inexpensive; its 5 dollars per trade and 65 cents per contract. So if you do the math it's cheaper than think or swim and any other brokerage out there; the software is good and for new users they offer a great tutorial. Granted I do get a 50 dollar a bonus if you join but you'll receive 50 dollars too; so if your interested PM me.

  7. Xtend sounds like the product Extenz you see on late night infomercials...
  8. IB: 20 contracts X 0.70 = $14.00.

    TK: 20 X 0.65 + 5 = $18.00
  9. JCig


    actually it's $5 per leg. it can get a bit expensive if you are doing 3-4 legged trades & if you are adjusting them too.
  10. I'll stand by Trade Station. Buck a contract and platform fees waved with very minimal volume. TS also allows spread orders, stops linked to the underlying contract etc. etc.

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