Best options strategy for a 1 or 2 dollar gain within 5 days ?

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  1. I predict that a stocks price will rise 1 or 2 dollars within 5 days,what option strategy would the option experts use to profit from this play ?

    My stop would also be 1 or 2 dollars
  2. Sell x-strike put, buy x-strike call.
  3. Thanks.

    I'm new to options so please forgive my ignorance .I'm assuming the current month and an at the money option ?
  4. It's the same as buying the underlying. Your question is far too vague for anyone to offer any worthwhile advice. There are simply too many factors at play.
  5. Lets say I expect AMZN to rise 2 dollars from its current price within the next five days. I will take profits if it gos up 2 dollars within 5 days.I will exit trade if it drops 2 dollars within 5 days . I will exit at the current price at the end of 5 days if it hasn't gone up or down 2 dollars within the 5 days.

    I'm am using options to increase buying power
  6. No mention of volatility. Vol can drop and a 120/125 bull vertical may lose under a drop in vol and will take a hit from theta (synthetic vol). Buy a deep itm call if you're simply looking for a proxy on the underlying shares, and the advantage (or disadvantage) is the isolation of exposure to delta.

    The AMZN Aug 100C is trading 70 extrinsic and 90-delta. $1,730 controls 90-shares (at present) vs. $5,230 to carry 90-shares overnight under reg-T. 3:1 increase in gearing.
  7. Wow that sounds like so much work, why not just buy the stock?
  8. lol.
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  10. AMZN's trading range exceeds 1 dollar every day. not sure if options are the best choice for a 1 dollar increment on a 115$ stock
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