Best options database (for all exchange-traded instruments)

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  1. Anybody have any suggestions on which data provider to use for options data? Other than the obvious historical OHLC, I would like a service that provides accurate 30-day weighted IVs (preferably utilizing current VIX calculation to individual stocks, indexes, and commodities), and screens out exchange-traded instruments based on IV Rank, IV Percentile, IV/HV ratio, volatility skew & kurtosis levels, vol curve slope and steepness levels, correlation and beta measurements between instruments, back-testing for trade strategies, etc.

    Can Bloomberg or CBOE (for stocks) provide these services? Can I get all this on Think or Swim, or OptionsXpress for free if I open an account? There are a multitude of data vendors with varying prices, too many to choose from and many look like scams or provide inaccurate and misleading data. Willing to spend the money if service is worth it. Attached trading platform would be a bonus.
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    I guess the first question is what's your budget?

    What you're asking for (especially related to vol curve analysis) probably wouldn't be available on anything short of a bloomberg terminal.
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  5. Thanks for the suggestions. Bloomberg and Orats are two good choices. Will look into both. Can't execute trades on either platform though. I also need something that will give P&L scenarios with max loss/max profits, and a risk and position analyzer for my basket of strategies/underlyings.
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  7. How do you execute those? Pick the outlier IV bumps and potholes on a 3-D term structure graph and just sell and buy those spots? That's a pretty cool idea.