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  1. does anyone have any input as is who might be the best options broker? I am using optionsxpess, and I like their tools but their commission seems high. I was wondering if there might be one who is better. The only requirement for me is "no account minimum".

  2. Options House is cheaper as they charge only a flat $9.95 per options trade no matter how many options contracts you are doing. So trading 50 contracts would only be $9.95, a significant savings if one does a lot of trading each month.

    I do not use them as I am required to trade at a specific firm since I work there, but they seem like a very good company. They are owned by the options market making firm PEAK6 Investments. Their software seems pretty good also. Their web site is
  3. Opened up an acct at optionshouse last week but am waiting on the papers to be filled out

    It's all web-based trading and the interface looks very slick.
  4. I liked what I saw from optionshouse but they require $1,000 to open an account. I was looking for a broker that has no minimums to open. I think tradeking fits into this category but im not famaliar with them
  5. You want to trade options but you don't have a thousand dollars? Since you are just going to be gambling why not go to Vegas?
  6. erc90


    without a doubt ThinkorSwim is the best option broker....that is coming from a former option
  7. when does it take $1,000 to be successful? Gambling is when you dont know which direction a stock is going to move or to what magnitude. So much for fundimentals... I do know how to make money, unforunately for me, I have to think small right now. I dont have the grand to invest.
  8. IB is hard to beat:

    Very useful and usable interface.

    Open API-automation.

    Best rates.

    It's not for newbs, tho. TOS or OptionsXpress would probably be better for inexperienced traders...
  9. Get a job and save some cash, honestly what do you hope to accomplish with under 1k? Go to the TOS site and download their demo and play on that as well.
  10. If you know how to make money why dont you have any? Not trying to be a smart arse just a simple question. You may know in theory how to make money but it is MUCH harder in the real world
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