Best options book?

Discussion in 'Options' started by brown, Sep 14, 2008.

  1. brown


    What are some good options books to read? I am looking for beg-intermediate level.
  2. George Jabbour's The Option Trader Handbook: Strategies and Trade Adjustments
  3. Tums


    That's a good book, but at the advanced level.

    At the beginner's level... you don't need to buy a book. Option council's website has plenty of info.
  4. McMillan on Options is useful.
  5. Neoxx


    Try Cottle, Options Trading: The Hidden Reality
  6. zdreg


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  7. Cottle is awesome but make sure you (OP) are past the beginners stage as it is definitely not a starter book.
  8. The Rookie's Guide to Options

    Read about it here:

    I wrote this book and will be glad to answer any questions.

    Targeted to beginners, with advanced discussions.

  9. sugar


    What about thinkorswim web site?