Best option to ease into trading while working...

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  1. Hi,

    I guess my main question is:

    What would be my best option in terms of easing into trading, while keeping a full time day job? I assume trading the forex market?

    Just a little background. After studying finance and graduating college, I can't say I knew for certain what area of finance I wanted to work in. Long story short, after reading some basic books on technical analysis and trading, I felt trading fit me perfectly in terms of my characteristics, mindset, and what I wanted in a career. But after doing a lot of research on here and reading a few specific threads, I feel I would be setting myself out to fail by going to most of the typical prop firms I looked at (NYC area). And knowing who to trust is a problem as well.

    I guess I just feel I want to learn a little on my own and make my own mistakes while trying to find my own style with an account of money I can afford to lose. And back to my original question, since I am working would my only option be Forex trading? I hate to not go at it full time and at 100%, but I need to pay the bills. Eventually if I found myself to show some promise, I would want to trade equities.

    Thanks for the advice

    -Apologies if this belongs in "Career Trader"
  2. 1) Forex would be okay during the evening and early morning along with the other most actively traded futures contracts.
    2) Try not to be too much like Jaromir Jagr. :cool:
  3. Haha, point taken on Jagr.

    Thanks, Nazz. Any other advice is appreciated as well.