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  1. Hi.
    I would like to get an Option Analyzer/Software which can do the following:
    - ability to draw a profit/loss option chart
    - ability to calculate option's (theoretical) price, volatility, delta, gamma, theta, vega
    - Best if free. It's ok if not.
    - any other useful features you could thnk of

    Thank you!
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    Pretty pricey ...

    $2.95 per contract OR $1.50 per contract plus $9.95

    buy/sell 20 contracts

    ThinkorSwim = $80
    Tradestation: = $40

    5 Similiar trades/month =

    ThinkorSwim = $400
    Tradestation = $200 + $100(monthly fees) = $300

    10 Trades:

    ThinkSwim = $800
    Tradestation = $500

    Adds up...
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    When you do comparison, you have to compare the apples to the apples.

    Click all 4 tabs to check the details & here too:
    TOS does not accept order flow so you get better fill/price, they work the trades for you, you can call to place order & ask strategy questions with no extra cost, many free tools, margin are done correctly & tons of free/low cost classes. The calls are answered by ex-option market makers, etc.
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    any opinions on steve sarnoff options hotline service
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    "...does not accept order flow?" You mean payment for order flow? Read:
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