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Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by allesim, Feb 4, 2002.

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    It seems that IB charges for LSE, XETRA stock exchanges are extremely high, if compared to very low for NASDAQ/NYSE/ US Futures

    (USD35 commission for trading EUR40,000 equity equivalent to 1000 shares of BMW.XETRA at 40, in Nasdaq you would spend USD7.5 )

    So can somebody suggest a good fast borkewrs with lower commissions? Expecially for XETRA and Milan Stock Exchanges?

    I heard good things about CONSORS (
    What else?

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    I traded with Consors for a while, they have the best prices compared to their competition and a great customer service.
    The drawback is their browser based platform.
    It is really awful and absolutely outdated. It cant stand the comparison with such a thing a Tradestation or Realtick.
    (BTW, the same is true for every european broker).
    You will need a dedicated feed to trade euros markets.

    As for the Euro markets, they are quite straightforward and simple to trade.(no specialists, uptick rules,... involved).
    Some markets are most SSF markets than real stock markets.

    The drawbacks are the costs and possible per order taxes.

    I'm drifting away from the euros markets, just duplicating my trades to the equivalent sectors/stocks of the US markets will get me an additionnal benefit of about 50% per year, because of the lower commish.

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    Strange world isn't it ?

    Many of us in the UK trade US shares and vehicles like the QQQ's because we find US shares etc, have greater volatility and therefore profit opportunity.

    Most importantly, the US brokers (IB and Datek et el.) are far cheaper than a European broker.

    We can spread bet over here (Tax Free) but find the spreads often run ahead of prices. So an alleged 5 point spread turns into a 20 point spread. Hence if you have a lucky day then 25 points equals 5 points profit after spread.

    One day UK brokers will wake up and notice the growing army of UK online traders trading US shares via US brokers. Indeed, US brokers could accelerate matters by having offices in Europe to hold funds for UK or other Euro countries. Maybe with staff so that we feel our US Broker is nearby and accessable
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    In the UK many activities are confined to the old boys network only.

    Financial markets are no different.

  5. allesim: if you are trying to find a cheaper euro broker than ib: forget it, there is none. the problem is: the euro market/clearing system are not so efficient and highly traded so the costs are higher. many euro daytraders have switched to US markets. however, try DAX future which offers the highest movement for its commission cost
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