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  1. I trade mostly European stocks, (Euronext, LSE, OMX...etc)
    Now I am looking for a good reliable firm to trade on Nasdaq and NYSE..

    I have seen some broker, think&swim,Interactive,ameritrade.etc.

    which firm wold you guys recommend?
    (not fx, futures,CFD, etc.. Only stocks)

    low commissons, nice margins, and free realtime chart plattform (candlesticks) is most important..

    Thanks for any answers,comments..
  2. None of the above
  3. I ment any broker, have have just seen those above,

    please recommend any broker

  4. I would recommend TOS. You can trade Forex (2pips on eur/usd), Futures, Options, Stock.

    You can get them to give you $1.5 per option pricing (no ticket charge). 3.5 per future contract and cheap stock.

    IB has better prices and better complex spread execution.

    TOS has far superior trading platform for desktop, web, or mobile device.

    IB requires 10K minimum to open, TOS 3.5K unless you are a student whereby you go as low as 500 bones.

    I want to also mention that TOS allows a trader to trade options as they like. No limitations on naked shorts, etc. Don't know about IB, but Ameritrade/ScottTrade have severe limitation in that regard.

    I recommend opening practice/paper accounts and judge for yourself.
  5. aha,

    which one for only trading Us stocks?

    low commissons, and free chart plattform..
    (nice with good margins)
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    if u use the search button in the upper right hand corner u will find the information.that u are looking for
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    if you live outside the usa then your selection is narrower as some brokers do not accept international customers

    i use izone and you need to be a us citizen to use them, but they are a division of ameritrade and there is very little difference between the two - ameritrade welcomes internationals

    the best broker depends on how your trade - i would look at sogotrade and speedtrader if i were shopping for a broker. Ameritrade and Schwab are good too depending on how you trade and what's most important to you.

    Of course any broker will have it's problems and ex-customers who think they are worthless.

    Hope it helps
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    Broker would not prove you the the low commission and nice margin that you are looking for. Your solution is to contact some prop firms that are mentioned in elitetrader.

    Im looking to trade LSE stocks, can anyone recommend some prop firms either in USA or London. Im willing to put up the capital. Any information is appreciated.
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