Best online broker for long term trading

Discussion in 'Retail Brokers' started by abe12345, Nov 10, 2008.

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    What is a good online broker for long term trading of stocks and etfs? Looking for something with low commission. Good order entry platform. 2k account.
  2. Zecco for low commissions and drip.
  3. MD do you have an account with Zecco?
  4. MTE


    Thinkorswim - free platform, free live data feed, 2 charting packages, live news, L2 and you can trade options and futures as well, if you want to.
  5. I do have one, I have 2500 in there and made about 4 trades so far in the 2 years I had the account. They are decent but I much prefer to use IB. I think they are fantasic if you want to dollar cost averge with a small account.

    With a small account like $2000 you have to save money where you can, $5/trade with 4 trades is 1% of your capital. Put $2500 in zecco and trade for free.
  6. Maybe Thinkorswim or Options Xpress, as they have no minimum monthly commission fees (like Interactive Brokers does), and they are reputable enough.
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    make sure you go with someone that doesn't charge inactivity fees or fees for data.

    Those will cut into your gains big time month over month in the long term.
  8. MD have you ever tried to scalp with Zecco? I've asked this question on ET before but never got an answer. Thanks for the reply.
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    Thanks everyone. Zecco has low commission, especially if you have over 2500. But ThinkorSwim seems to have better trading platform. I will need to do more research.
  10. my father is looking for a online brokerage with low commissions. It's primarily for LT investment with few swing trades here and there. does Zecco offer a platform with L2 and live charts?
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